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Published August 05, 2015, issue of August 06, 2015.

“The deal threatens Israel, it threatens the United States, and it turns 70 years of nuclear policy on its head.”

— Gov. Chris Christie

“I share a great many values with the Jewish community and the Orthodox community. Chief among them is a passionate dedication to strengthening our friendship and alliance with the nation of Israel.”

— Sen. Ted Cruz

“I let the prime minister know that there were many in the Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who have Israel’s back.”

— Sen. Lindsey Graham

“The average Israeli knows whose side that John Kerry andBarack Obama are on, and it’s not to protect the security of Israel.”

— Rick Santorum

“There is no Jewish state without a Christian faith, there is no Christian faith without a Jewish state.”

— Mike Huckabee

“First of all, we’re giving them billions of dollars in this deal, which we shouldn’t have given them. We should have kept the money. Second of all, we have four prisoners over there. We should have said ‘Let the prisoners out. They shouldn’t be over there.’”

— Donald Trump

“Well absolutely, we stand with Israel, but what I think we should do is announce to the world, and I think it is well-known, that any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States.”

— Sen. Rand Paul

“I will rebuild our vital friendships. That starts by standing with the brave, democratic State of Israel.”

— Jeb Bush

“How we treat our friends is reassuring to our other friends. This administration has made the world a more dangerous place by the way they have treated Israel.”

— Carly Fiorina

“Allies have differences, but allies like Israel, when you have a difference with them and it is public, it emboldens their enemies.”

— Sen. Marco Rubio

“I wish it were not the case, but this trip only confirmed my belief that the current administration is not giving Israel the support it needs. Instead of standing with our ally, the president is making bad deals with a country that wishes to wipe Israel off the map.”

— Gov. Scott Walker

“Israel’s new government will continue to face the same major security concerns the last one faced — Iran’s nuclear weapons program and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Those are not partisan issues in Israel and should not be partisan issues in the United States.”

— Rick Perry

“I think the administration has probably fallen in love with the fact that they want to get an agreement, and when people are hyperventilating and unable to get one, sometimes they go and they sign something that they shouldn’t. It’s very dangerous to fall in love with your own idea. So, you have to have the strength to walk away.”

— Gov. John Kasich

“I remember the images of Israelis in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem wearing gas masks, old men and babies, not knowing if they were going to have their lives risked, not because of anything they had done, other then being Jews.”

— George Pataki

“Israel is our only democratic ally in the Middle East. She is surrounded by nations that threaten her very existence. We can never let her enemies believe that our deep commitment to Israel’s peace and security will waver.”

— Dr. Ben Carson

“The people of Israel must know that America stands with them, that their struggles are our struggles, and that we completely support their right to defend themselves.”

— Gov. Bobby Jindal

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