Bernie Sanders and Israel

Published April 21, 2016, issue of April 21, 2016.

Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders said he believes the Palestinians need to be treated more fairly by the United States and by Israel and that Israel may have overstepped its bounds during the last Gaza War.

Since his decisive loss to Hillary Clinton in the New York Democratic Primary, what Sanders has to say about Gaza has lost some of its strength.

Unless something extraordinary happens, Sanders will not be the nominee.

But let’s say a miracle occurs and he becomes the nominee. What he said about Gaza and Israel and the Palestinians puts him squarely at odds with the Jewish lobby in Washington, which is always seeking to support Israel and to give it an edge over its Arab neighbors.

This we know, Sanders, who is a Jew, is unequivocal in his belief that more work needs to be done to bring both sides together and to ultimately enter into peace.

This is a wonderful dream.

What the Sanders of this world will discover should he get the chance, is that the Palestinians may be looking for fair play. But until they agree to live in peace side by side with the Jews, their idea of fair play is one-sided.

The Palestinians haven’t cornered the market on fair play – not yet anyway.

If Bernie Sanders becomes president and he gets into the agonizingly contested and hateful aspects of the Palestinian/Israeli competition, we believe Sanders will rebel if he doesn’t get his way.

There is no Jew so angry and frustrated like a Jew professing to be fair whose efforts are blown away literally by those who don’t want Israel to exist as a condition of being fair to them.

He will find the Israelis difficult and the Palestinians impossible.

This is just the way of the world as it exists today.

He might then redefine his notion of what is fair and just, and what is not.

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