Who is Oppressing Whom?

By Jerry Miller

Published May 20, 2016, issue of May 19, 2016.

Who is stealing the land of Palestinians living in the West Bank? According to a Christian Arab, Christy Anastas, born in Bethlehem, it is the Arab Muslims who stole land from her Christian uncles. When the uncles went to a Muslim court to seek justice, the Arab Muslim judge laughed at him and said if he complained he would find himself in the refrigerator in the city morgue. Who is oppressing the people of the West Bank? Well, according to Christy the Arab Muslims put their rocket throwing children in front of Christian homes when protesting against the Jews. When the Jews fired back they would hit the Christian owned homes. When one of the owners protested against the actions of the Muslim Arabs he was shot and was blinded for life. Christy says that the Arab Muslims force the Christians to pay a jizya tax. This is a tax but Christy says its really protection money no different than the Mafia. When one of her uncles protested against the jizya tax, he was shot dead. For her truth, telling her life was threatened and she now resides in London, but the death threats followed her there. You can hear Christy’s story on YouTube by looking up Christy the Palestinian. Of course you would never hear these stories on cnn bbc or the nyt or Huffington Post because these reporters are too afraid to tell the truth about Arab Muslims because they are gutless cowards and they would rather slander the Jews who they know would never harm them for lying than tell the truth about the Muslims who they know would kill them for telling the truth. Just another example of the morally bankrupt world we live in. I think it is very important for each of us to realize that as we allow these desecrations of our freedoms to appease a evil and hate filled people, we are destroying the future of our children. The freedoms that we were given by the blood spilled by so many thousands of brave soldiers we are losing because we are too afraid to confront a evil medieval bloodthirsty religion. Oh how I wish our future children could imprison us for our cowardly betrayal of them, for we are leaving them a world that is less free for the simple reason we are too weak and gutless to stand up for the rights and freedoms we were given on a silver platter.

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