Donald Trump Compared with Hitler

Published June 02, 2016, issue of June 02, 2016.

Many of those who cannot stomach presidential candidate Donald Trump’s tone and his brash form of aggressiveness and his “bashing” of minorities, women, military people, the government, the society we live in and on and on, get it all wrong when they compare him to Hitler.

Trump is many things. He is no Adolph Hitler.

He couldn’t wear Hitler’s underwear!

The comparison is despicable. The comparison lacks historical precedent. The comparison shows how little Americans know about the rise of Hitler and Nazism.

Trump is a rabble-rouser. He is a troublemaker, undermining in this presidential year every politician, our government, our electoral system and our overbearing political correctness, which includes our president being unable to call Islamic violence, hatred and terrorism by its proper name.

All Mexicans aren’t rapists – Trump knows this – but Mexican gang members living along the border of the United States and Texas behead as many as 40 or 50 at a time and drop them onto the streets or rape and torture adversaries to carry on their successful drug trade with the United States.

The notion that Trump can hate all Mexicans is as absurd as Hillary Clinton professing to have great love and affection for all people – including Muslims.

Hitler rose when Germany was on its knees and facing economic ruin. People had trouble buying a loaf of bread. His rise to power was on the back of the Jewish people who he wanted exterminated – a subject he was happy to discuss throughout his career. He began in earnest his Jewish solution strategy with the publication of Mein Kampf while he was in prison in 1924.

When the Jewish Journal published news that Mein Kampf had sold out in one day when put on sale in Germany for the first time in 70 years, we published an edition with the book cover reprinted on our front page.

Some of our readers were more offended with the cover showing the murderer of our race in Europe than the fact that his hate was rising again and on sale for everyone to read. The new edition sold out in one day in Germany!

Hitler was a National socialist, capitalist hating, Jew baiting, Russian hating, Polish hating, Lithuanian hating, Latvian hating, Rumanian hating lunatic and maniac – a butcher of the first order.

Trump is driven by ego – a narcissist perhaps – a flamboyant showman with no agenda other than to be a dominant figure in the public consciousness.

To suggest that Trump somehow resembles Hitler is to suggest a total ignorance of history or a willful disregard for the reality of current events – or even truth.

To say “it can’t happen here” is also stupidity and blindness.

Trump is brash. He can be insulting. He says what he wants.

But Trump is no Hitler.

Those claiming to be scared of him ought to know better. Such a comparison is despicable.

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