Two Generations on Hillary Clinton

Up Close and Personal

Hillary Rodham Clinton in Gorham, N.H.
Hillary Rodham Clinton in Gorham, N.H.

By Harriet Langburd and Marilyn J. Segal

Published June 16, 2016, issue of June 16, 2016.


I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. The main reason for my supporting her is her strong belief that women should be treated equally. I believe that Hillary will be able to address this issue in the White House, and will fight to make women more truly equal than they are now.

Hillary has always been a strong feminist, and a role model for women around the world. I found her speech at the Fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing incredibly inspiring; the way that she has always advocated for women’s rights is something that I think is an important characteristic for our next president. I am all for Hillary’s stance on getting equal pay for women, an issue that she has been working on since she was in the Senate and brought up the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Hillary Clinton also stands for continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, which will continue to help and support thousands of families around the United States getting health care provided. Hillary is going to help advocate for people that have suffered from sexual assault, which I find incredibly important, especially with all of the stories that we hear on the news. Hillary will also be fighting for families to be paid during family leave, which impacts all of us at one point or another. Hillary’s plans for the women in America will close the wage gap and help women become more equal in reality, which as a result will help America be at its fullest potential.

Gun control is another issue that I find incredibly important. Every day we hear horrible stories about shootings, we hear about these all the time, and while many people say that by having these shootings we should make it so everyone has access to a gun at all times, really it’s already so easy for people to get hold of a gun in America, and by having this be the case we are making our country a more dangerous place to be.

One of the biggest issues in the Clinton campaign is going to be helping to have proper restrictions on guns. Hillary has spoken to the families of victims of gun violence and she will work towards more restrictions on guns. Hillary is going to work to create better background checks. This has been an issue that Hillary has cared about for a long time; she has voted on the assault weapon ban, and has helped to close the loopholes in the system. With Hillary’s plans for keeping guns at bay, America will have fewer shootings and will be a safer country.

Harriet Langburd, center, of Marblehead with Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey at Hillary Clinton headquarters in Exeter, N.H., before going out to canvass door-to door for Clinton.
Harriet Langburd, center, of Marblehead with Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey at Hillary Clinton headquarters in Exeter, N.H., before going out to canvass door-to door for Clinton.

One of the most important parts of this campaign is Hillary’s stance with President Obama. Hillary is the only candidate who truly stands by Obama’s work and in the White House. Hillary will do her best to make sure that Obama’s work isn’t undone. Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Act in 2010, which has covered millions of uninsured Americans. This work that Obama has done has impacted lives for the better. Hillary Clinton’s presidency will ensure that all of President Obama’s hard work stays intact, and can continue to save lives.

There are so many other reasons why I support Hillary. Her stances on social issues, environmental issues, and immigration issues are spot on, I could go on forever about how important her campaign is to everyone. Hillary is also the most qualified person to run for office, she has worked for years, and will continue to change America for the better in the White House come January 2017.

Harriet Langburd is 15 years old. She attended the Waring School and will be entering Marblehead High School in the fall. She is the daughter of Cindy and Peter Langburd.


Tuesday, June 7, was a heady day for this nation when, as President Obama stated, the Democratic Party became set to nominate the most experienced candidate ever put forth by the Party.

Hillary Clinton knows how to get things done – not just a maker of lofty promises to do the impossible, but she has a demonstrated ability to generate consensus and get legislation passed to help ordinary Americans. Her obstinate Republican detractors were dismayed at how successful a negotiator and implementer she was in the Senate. The tragic shootings in Orlando remind us that those are exactly the skills we need in the White House to finally get sensible gun control laws and a permanent ban on all military style weapons.

Her positions are strong Democratic principles: health care for all, wise Supreme Court judges, investment in early-childhood, inclusiveness, a strong safety net, universal women’s and minority rights, reduction of mass incarceration and a commitment to confront climate change. She is a loving grandmother with a long view into the future.

Secretary Clinton is respected throughout the world. She has given voice to women in first, second and third world countries – a first for anybody on the world stage. She knows all the world leaders; her experience will bring a reasoned diplomacy to the difficult and dangerous situations we face.

She is battle tested. More than $250 million has been spent to discredit her over years of public attention, but she still stands proud and strong – she is tough when she has to be. She has withstood a barrage of invented wrongdoing from Whitewater, to Vince Foster to Benghazi. But her resilience has carried her on to new heights.

I travelled to New Hampshire and heard Hillary speak twice this winter. She was electric in person; knowledgeable, charming, engaging, and funny. Notwithstanding the media reports that her campaign is flat, the crowd enthusiastically cheered her. I heard women of my age speak of the power of her candidacy; we remember not being allowed to sit on juries, have credit cards of our own, get a mortgage, or buy a car on credit; we’re still working on lower pay for the same job and discrimination in employment. HRC has been in the forefront of the people enabling changes in these policies.

I know that she will keep us moving forward in making sure that all Americans are afforded the rights guaranteed in our Constitution.

Hillary Clinton is a fighter, a brilliant and engaging trail blazer! It is time for this skillful, capable professional woman to shatter the glass ceiling and live in the White House as the Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

Marilyn J. Segal, Harriet Langburd’s grandmother, is the retired Executive Director of Citizens for Public Schools, she resides in Marblehead with her husband Jacob.

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