In Defense of Hillary

By David Jacobson

Published June 16, 2016, issue of June 16, 2016.

My title for this article is to contrast the position taken in an article written by Joan Swirsky in the May 19th edition of the Jewish Journal. Unlike Ms. Swirsky, I will make clear my political leanings at the very start of this discussion. I am liberal, a democrat, a proud Jew and dedicated to Israel’s survival as a Jewish democratic state.

I am also opposed to the right wing hard-line policies of Netanyahu and support a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

I originally believed Ms. Swirsky was just a local person who wanted to explain her positions on the topic of Ms. Clinton. However after reading her article I was upset by the vitriol, lack of any actual verifiable facts, her extreme bias, and a total lack of any pretense to journalistic professionalism.

Rather, Ms. Swirsky fails to make known her connections to Newsmax, a right wing periodical for which she writes. Her true extreme conservative stripes are clearly shown in paragraph 4. In a short space, she condemns Hillary Clinton’s positions by falsely “calling redistribution of wealth communism,” calling climate change a “colossal hoax,” decrying “social justice,” and her pro-choice stance. These are not positions taken by any Jews that I know.

Given Ms. Swirsky’s positions, is it any wonder that she would condemn Hillary for her supposed leftist and anti-Semitic views? No, she is merely following in the footsteps of all prior right wing conservatives who believe that Jews should be so one dimensional in their thought that their only concern in the world is unwavering support of Israel regardless of the specific policies involved. This condescension by conservatives toward all liberal or moderate Jews is hurtful and enforces the belief that Jews are, as she says, not sane nor are they real Jews if they disagree with her.

I have always been told to consider statements based upon the source from which they come. Ms. Swirsky is a writer for Newsmax, an extreme conservative organization that regularly condemns anything not right-wing. She has indeed published books that attack all of her so-called leftists, communists, moderates, and democrat enemies.

All of the truth and facts Ms. Swirsky mentions derive not from any basic research but from biased statements made by the above named writers, websites, and blogs. She then uses these statements as her actual proof of facts with no verification. This alone calls into question everything that she says.

Have we not had enough name calling and outright lies by Donald Trump, already? Now Ms. Swirsky continues to do so in the name of Israel. I love Israel as well but do not try to make most Jews regret that they believe there actually exist issues other than Israel that are important such as Isis, the economy, crime, health, environment, housing, and nutrition, etc.

Even her “facts” are wrong, myths or totally unprovable. I will mention just a few:

Hillary met with Salam al-Marayit. One sometimes does meet with people who reflect a different and extreme position than themselves, especially politicians. This does not mean she supports his positions. I remember Dick Cheney shaking hands with Saddam Hussein a few years prior to our invasion of Iraq. FDR sat adjacent to Stalin and Nixon met with Chou-en-Lai. All of them were murderers.

She states that the West Bank settlements are legally sanctioned. By whom, I ask, a morally corrupt racist Israeli government? No one else in the world recognizes this.

Numerous other statements of “fact” are actually myths, half-truths and innuendo which are very unprofessional by a published author and journalist. Nowhere are there any references, dates, times for any of her so-called facts.

Finally, just like Donald Trump, she uses name-calling (see her statements about Sidney Blumenthal) whom she calls a “court Jew” and an embarrassment and revolting. Use your grown-up words Ms. Swirsky!

I do not believe that Mrs. Clinton is without warts or that she is warm and fuzzy but, at a time when our nation is being torn apart by the Republican presidential standard bearer and the Tea Party stalwarts, it is imperative that criticism, which may be justified, be conducted in a professional sane manner. Ms. Swirsky’s attempt to shame Jews into unquestionable support for Israel will fail because I believe that Jews are more concerned with right and wrong than to accept a specious argument by someone with an agenda but no real facts to support her position.

David Jacobson is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He is also a lawyer and a CPA. He lives in Salem.

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