Maury Adkins

A Jew is a Jew

By Maury Adkins

Jew: A noun rather than an adjective. Many of the appellations attached to “Jew” seem to serve very little purpose other than dividing our people. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. It’s rather simple even for the extreme literalists among us.Read More

My Story: 4,748 Days Drug Free

By Maury Adkins

4,748 days. 13 years. Sounds like a very long time. For me it’s a milestone. 4,748 days since I last chose to systematically disassemble my life by snorting white powder up my nose and tearing my life apart one line at a time. 4,748 drug-free days. I repeat the number with a sense of awe, eyes full of tears, and a heart of gratitude.Read More

Keep Your Feathers in the Bag

By Maury Adkins

Social media can be a wonderful tool for informing, encouraging, educating, and so on. It can also be a tool of destruction. Far too often stories which have no basis in reality or truth are posted and the emotional response of those who read the posting spread it like wildfire and the damage to an individual’s reputation or a company’s brand is immeasurable and permanent.Read More

Life Experience & Addictions

By Maury Adkins

As part my life experience there have been some hard-earned lessons in the area of addiction. Lessons learned through heartache tend to stick around for a long time and will either spur one to change their life in a positive manner or continue along the destructive path until they crash and burn. I took the latter road and it wasn’t much fun.Read More

Getting the Kinks Out

By Maury Adkins

One of the most challenging aspects of keeping a beautiful lawn and garden is watering. I don’t know about you but I cannot stand it when the hose gets a kink in it. My first inclination, though I am getting better, is to yank, snatch, and flail the hose around somehow hoping magic will occur and the hose will unkink via this process. Rarely does it happen that way.Read More

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