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Here it is Thursday and we are experimenting with what the cover will be for the upcoming edition. This means Todd Feinburg, our editor and I are busy thinking, creating, experimenting with creative notions about what exactly our next cover should be. The main idea we toy with is to be compelling, riveting, eye catching and talked about - which of course, is easier said than done. Determining the front cover has become a bit more daunting since we changed the front cover of the Jewish Journal beginning in October. We did away with the rather busy and ineffectual multi-story front page and adopted a more serious and intense single issue front cover more reminiscent of a magazine cover than a sluggish every two week pot pourri of nothingness that we used to serve up. We believe the new front cover has excited many of our readers to believe that the JJ is entering a new territory of relevance and importance as a conveyor of news and messaging - and it is just that. We no longer look like your typical dying Jewish newspaper. Dying Jewish newspapers are a reflection of the national malaise that is affecting the Jewish population. Synagogues are closing, community centers are closing, Jews are not attending synagogue, the vast majority of Jews no longer have anything to do with being Jewish other than to be born Jewish. The organic Jewish community as most of us knew it when we were growing up is gone. What remains of it is vanishing. Something new is replacing it but we cannot be sure what exactly it is. Back to our front cover and the boldness of what we are attempting. We are making the JJ more exciting, more noticed, more talked about and more controversial. All of this can be achieved with a bold new front cover that brands us as statement makers and creators.

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