To our Muslim Friends

We cannot turn a blind eye to the demonization of all Muslims that has come about since the terrorist attacks carried out in Paris, France, and in San Bernardino, California.Read More

Chinese Food and Jews

A hundred things Jewish people are not supposed to be eating will be consumed during the holidays at our favorite Chinese food restaurants.Read More

Rushing to the End of One Year and to the Beginning of Another

It isn’t just the end of the year coming at us. It is the end of another year of our lives.Read More


Hanukkah is the one Jewish holiday of the year dedicated entirely to fun.Read More


We ask our readers to ponder the thought… what would life have been like if the English never came to New England?Read More

Veterans Day

End the wars, end the suffering. End the battlefield horror, end PTSD.Read More

Doing the Right Thing

We doubt very much the Lakin Family felt the CJP president had done the wrong thing by being present at their father’s funeral.Read More

The ADL and Jonathan Greenblatt

Never has the ADL been saddled with so many difficult decisions to be made and new strategies to be arrived at as it does today.Read More

The Violence in Israel

For those at whom the violence is directed, protecting oneself from it becomes the great and immediate duty everyday for Jews and Palestinians alike.Read More

Gun Violence and Gun Control

[We] wonder again what can be done to stop mass murders in a society that does little to nothing to stop them.Read More

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