Murray Greenfield Captivates with Holocaust Narrative

By Mary Markos

Greenfield joined a group of heroic Americans who collectively rescued more than a third of Holocaust survivors from Europe, sailing from Italy to Haifa at night to avoid the British.Read More

Silber Golf Tournament Reaches 19th Hole

By Mary Markos

For the first year-and-a-half of his illness, Brian D. Silber was misdiagnosed. The tumor that took his life was so rare that little was known about how to treat it.Read More

John Rosenthal: Don’t Be a Target

By Mary Markos

The Founding Fathers never intended criminals and dangerously mentally ill people to be able to buy guns.Read More

Batman and Brady: Detoxing with Sheriff Cousins

By Mary Markos

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department’s new detox unit in Middleton is a first step for people to get help and put themselves on a guided path to getting sober.Read More

When German Jews Came to America

By Herb Belkin

Arriving in America in the 1800s, young German Jews picked up the only trade they knew and could afford – peddling.Read More

Paths Cross at Hebrew College

By Penny Schwartz

The ordination capped five or six years of studies, a lengthy process that included mastery of Hebrew and a course of religious studies.Read More

Two Generations on Hillary Clinton

By Harriet Langburd and Marilyn J. Segal

Hillary has always been a strong feminist, and a role model for women around the world.Read More

A Feminist View on Hillary

By Mary Markos

Voting for Clinton singularly based on her gender goes against every fiber of my personal definition of what it is to be a feminist and what it means to have gender equality.Read More

Hillary at the Top After All These Years

By Joshua Resnek

Clinton’s piercing of the glass ceiling in American politics is one of the great historical moments in American history, a seminal moment for the women of this nation and around the world.Read More

Up Close and Personal: Looking at Religion

By Lynn Nadeau

On June 7, a woman was arrested by the Jerusalem police for carrying a Torah to the Kotel.Read More

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