Jill Stein and the Role of Radical Jewish Women in Politics

By Lana Adler

This isn’t 2000 and this isn’t the Bush/Gore race. Serious dissatisfaction with both leading candidates has brought to the forefront the feeling that we exist within a “predatory” political system.Read More

Another Reason Trump Must Be Stopped

By Alan Elsner

Donald Trump’s interview in Haaretz was more than scary. It was terrifying.Read More

Terrorism, Homophobia and Slaughter in Orlando

The tragedy in Orlando is a continuation of mass shootings past and of more mass shootings certain to come. As long as lunatics have access to automatic weapons, the slaughter will continue.Read More

Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishment

What Hillary Clinton achieved recently in becoming the Democratic nominee for president is as big a story in human development and American progress as we’re likely to encounter.Read More

Muhammad Ali

Words fail us in attempting to eulogize Ali except to use Shakespeare: “He was a man through and through. We shall not see his like again.”Read More

A “Conversation” at Shirat Hayam Draws Crowd

The night featured noted Marblehead political consultant Michael Goldman and Jewish Journal publisher Josh Resnek.Read More

In Defense of Hillary

By David Jacobson

After reading Ms. Swirsky’s article in the May 19th Journal, I was upset by the vitriol, lack of any actual verifiable facts, her extreme bias, and a total lack of any pretense to journalistic professionalism.Read More

An All-Nighter on Shavuot

By Teddy Weinberger

According to my friend and teacher Rabbi Lior Engelman, however, the very act of staying up all night on Shavuot is important in and of itself.Read More

Anti-Semitism: Temple B’Nai Abraham Reacts

By Rabbi Alison Adler and Alan Pierce

Acts of anti-Semitism, racial bigotry, gay-bashing or trans-bashing are happening in schools and in our communities and it’s affecting all of us.Read More

The Arabs’ Real Grievance Against the Jews: They Exist

By Fred Maroun

Jews demand the right to exist and to exist as equals on the land where they have existed and belonged continuously for more than three thousand years.Read More

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